Trapiche Winery

Trapiche began in 1883. Its history resides in a small vineyard named “El Trapiche” in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, where they began the development of fine wines. With 129 years of experience, Trapiche is recognized as a pioneer in various aspects such as: the introduction of French vines, the construction of blended wines, the importation of French oak barrels, the use of stainless steel tanks, the contracting of international consulters and finally, it is also the only Argentine vineyard to make a special wine to celebrate the arrival of the 21st century. For these and many more reasons, today, Trapiche continues to be a mark for Argentine innovation maintaining its vigilant, prestigious and successful nature.

Trapiche uses artisanal methods in conjunction with the most modern technology (like refrigeration, stainless steel, open top tanks, and new oak barrels). The new winery, surrounded by beautiful natural and mountain views, presents a florentine structure built in 1912. After closing for almost 40 years, in 2006 Trapiche initiated the process of restoration and renovation to rescue the foundational spirit of their original opening as the “historical model of wineries from the 20th century.” Combining tradition with vanguard technology, Trapiche was conceived to create top-quality wines. Trapiche has 1,255 hectors of their own land and their wines have been recognized around the world for almost 100 years.