Ruca Malen Winery

Ruca Malen began in 1998 as the result of two friends’ dream, Jacques Louis de Montalembert and Jean Pierre Thibaud, united by the same passion: to make high quality wines. The search for quality has been present in every aspect of this winery: in relation to the location, the technology, but fundamentally in the management, treatment, and care of the vines, where the great wines of this winery are born, by the hand of Pablo Cúneo. The style of Ruca Malen translates into elegant, complex, and balanced wines, that accompany foods by enhancing them, without overshadowing them. During the visit, you will taste a wine from each line: Yauquén, Ruca Malen, and Kinién.

This winery represents both sides of wine in Argentina: the tradition of immigrants with French founders, and the respect for the local culture and land, with the representation of Mapuche legend. Most importantly, they carefully make high quality wines.