Norton Winery

In 1895, Edmund James Palmer Norton got to know Mendoza during the construction of a train that united Mendoza with Chile. Amazed by the land, he founded Bodega Norton, south of the Mendoza River, planting vines imported from France. His mission: to be the best winery in Argentina, recognized for quality wines, professionalism, and honestly amongst his work team, maintaining the passion that characterizes this winery and the excellence of winemaking. Norton opens its doors to visitors to show them the world of vitiviniculture starting from the vines to the winemaking with a tasting and cheers in the wine shop bar at the end.

Norton has been one of the biggest names since the beginning of winemaking in Argentina. They produce wines focusing on the philosophy of pleasing those who drink their wine. In the visit at Norton, you will have the opportunity to taste wine in each of its stages of production, and at the end, finishing with a blend-your-own-wine activity and at lunch you can taste everyone’s blends and choose a winner.