Melipal Winery

Melipal initiated their activities in 2002, dedicating themselves to making high-quality wines. The Aristi family, owners of the winery, have a long history with agriculture. Generation after generation, the respect and value of the work and the earth have been constant, transmitting to each member who participates in the project. Located in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, the winery has a capacity of 800,000 liters distributed in steel, cement, and oak barrels.

100% of the grape production comes from their own privately owned vineyards. Melipal´s wines possess grand, intensive aromas and high concentration; they are fruity, perfumed, and flavourful - qualities that they attain from diverse factors like the minerals in the soil, the climate, the winemaking process, the maturity of the grapes and the care in the growing and picking of the grapes. Melipal winery is very concerned with the conservation of the environment and its natural resources. The Aristi family is convinced that the wellbeing of the future depends on our actions today - and for this motive - the vineyards and the winery have developed under their agreement to sustainable viticulture.