Bodega Lopez

López represents an exceptional case in the Argentine wine industry that began in 1898 and continues today in the hands of the founding family. More than 115 years of tradition offering the same great quality as always, making history from the work and the love in the details.The founder, Jose Lopez Rivas, arrived in 1886 from the town of Algarrobo in Malaga, Spain where his family cultivated grape vines and olive trees.

Rivas decided to install his vineyards here in Argentina to escape the devastating plague and phylloxera that affected the vines of Europe. In 1898, he settled in Mendoza, and the weight of his family’s tradition in winemaking did not let up, continuing to grow. In March he began the making of his own wine in the best zones of the province, produced with his own vines, controlling every single part of the operation, taking care of and supervising every detail. Located in Maipu, in the last few years they have been able to increase in size their cellar and storage space for the wines, counting now a total of 40 million liters, 5,240,000 of which are in barrels and casks made of oak with more than 5,000 liters of capacity.

They have accumulated stacks of bottles in which we can find wines from the harvests of 1938 until today, kept in deep basements where they are placed far from light and at a uniform temperature. To insure the quality of the wines, the winery uses the latest generation of technology that permits them to use only the best, top-quality grapes, hand-picking and transporting them in small plastic bins to guarantee the integrity of the fruit. Lopez winery also features an extremely modern champagne manufacturing system with stainless steel tanks and an isobaric line for wine distribution.