Lagarde Winery

Lagardeis a traditional winery that preserves its original framework since 1987, year of its foundation. As you go round the winery, its centenarian vineyards, its patios and the old house make you feel embraced by an ambience of ancient times. Besides preserving its identity and culture, Lagarde invests in the state-of-the-art technology in order to guarantee excellent quality wines. The winery’s total capacity is 1.600.000lts, of which 35% are stored in stainless- steel tanks and 65% in small and medium concrete pools coated with epoxy paint. The temperature in tanks and pools is controlled by a central system that allows a correct elaboration and conservation of the wines. Lagarde owns 800 oak casks (85% French oak, 15% American oak), which are renewed every 3 years. Long-in-mouth wines only use new French oak casks.