Chandon Wineries

At the end of the 50s, The house of Moet & Chandon from Epernay, the most important zone of Champagne in France, decided to install, for the first time ever, wineries and vineyards outside of France. The place they chose was Argentina. Renaud Poirier, experienced enologist of the company, visited different zones of the country and determined that the placement more apt for this project was in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

It was in 1959 when the project settled. From the beginning, the company had advising from the technicians of Moet & Chandon in France. Motives for the expectations were plentiful: Moet & Chandonwas founded in 1743 and its products, including the legendary Don Perignon were already famous all over the world. The enological knowledge and wisdom of the company along with their enormous commercialization power, in addition to Chandon´s place at the top of sales, the company transformed and imposed on the traditional “Argentine taste,” provoking a strong change in the customs of the people.

This quick and bright success has caused many other wineries to try and compete, making their own sparkling wines. The market had already been growing rapidly, and since the appearance of Chandon – even more! In the last years, Chandon winery his made grand investments working toward an establishment to hold a capacity of approximately 1,700,000 liters. Chandon´s property stretches approximately 1,333 hectors, cultivating about 500 hectors which grow year after year.