Belasco de Baquedano Winery

Belasco de Baqueando belongs to the Navarra group. This winery is the vision of the Belasco family, eight generations of vine growers, who want to amplify their presence in the world of wine. Thus, they came to Mendoza in 1996 to begin their project of acquiring 70 hectors of vineyards that were planted last century and secured their magnificent prime product. The winery, constructed in brick, was designed and equipped with the most modern technology and gravity system which permits the elaboration of high-quality wines.

Inside of the winery, you will find the Aroma room, the only one in Latin America. This educational and interactive room invites you to exercise your senses and accumulate the memorization of aromas and smells to help us enjoy and discover every wine´s nuances and sensations. There are four types of aromas. The primary aromas: provide the prime material and are specific to each grape variety; for this reason they are also called varietal aromas. Secondary Aromas: the aromas are produced from the yeast in the fermentation process. Terciary Aromas: appear in the wine during aging after being bottled. Finally, there are the aromas which are categorized as the defects, which allow us to recognize a defective wine. The Aroma room has been insulated from sound, has the same color on the walls as on the floor, and faint lights so as to facilitate your concentration on the aromas you are there to perceive.