Atamisque Winery

Atamisque, is the name of this winery in the Valle de Uco, in the San Jose district in Tupungato, just off the Provincial Route N86, also well-known as the “Ruta del Vino,” – the wine route. The vineyard itself has a rich history, ascending from the “Huarpes” tribe, originally Incas from Peru who converted to Jesuits and founded the farm in 1658.

The plantation had various owners until John Du Monceau and his wife, Chantal, from France, decided to construct a vineyard on the land. From the beginning, the winery has held the highest respect for nature and the environment. Around the winery they have kept intact the natural foliage like chañares, piquillos, cactus and other varieties. Furthermore, it is after the Cataupa tree that grows on the vineyard that the premium line of their wines is named. The 100 hectors of land provide quality grapes in great quantity.