Altavista Winery

Alta Vista’s philosophy is focused on the search for both high-quality and pleasure in the international market. Its wines express the Argentine Terroirs and the result of the French-Argentine cultural mixture. It produces 2,500,000 premium level bottles and it is located in the centre of Chacras de Coria, in the south of the city of Mendoza.

This historical winery, which has elaborated wines for a century, is equipped with advanced technology. However, since its spirit is that of restoration rather than reconstruction, its original architecture has been kept. Both the employment of the latest technology and the creation of ad hoc tools are integrated in the winemaking processes, according to the technical equipment’s needs. Fifty-two epoxy-coated, concrete tanks with capacity for 110 hectolitres of wine, and sixteen mini-tanks with capacity for 52 hectolitres of wine allow to monitor the red grapes lots, thus favoring precise vinifications and creative blends. At the same time, 29 modern stainless steel tanks with an average capacity for 140 hectolitres of wine are used for the elaboration of white and young wines.

Underground cellars offer coolness, humidity, and darkness to 1,000 French and American oak barrels in Mendoza’s desert climate. We invite you to visit this winery in its daily tourist itinerary, including a visit to the vineyards and an exclusive wines’ tasting.