Wine Tours | Maipú Wines and flavors

To the east of the city, Maipú transports us to the past. Experience the origin of wine in Argentina. Visit three wineries that opened the path of viticulture here in Argentina and still have conserved their family traditions to this day, forming an important part of the production of wines in Mendoza.

This tour is designed to share and enjoy an excellent day of wines. We will visit some of the most important and renowned wineries of this region. This experience is shared by fellow passengers who enjoy the same interest for this fascinating beverage. In this way each guest is able to enjoy every detail of the visits during this dynamic tour with a perfect ending of a lunch with more wines to taste.

Maipú Wines and Flavors


  • Visit and tasting of three wines in the Winery Trapiche
  • Visit and tasting of three wines in the Winery SINFIN
  • Visit to Zuelo de Familia Zuccardi Olive Oil Factory
  • 3 course lunch in Pan y Oliva at the Winery Zuccardi
  • Transportation a nd Bilingual Guide *
  • Groups with a máximum of 18 people
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays From 9am to 4:30pm


Trapiche represents “the richness of diversity.” Over the course of its history, this winery has always understood the strength of viticulture in this country, specializing in obtaining the best of the terroir, creating unique wines. You will enjoy a visit of this historic winery, finishing the tour in their tasting room where you can appreciate a view of the mountains and their barrel room at your feet. You will taste their Fond De Cave, Trapiche Collection Roble, and Trapiche Espumante Extra Brut.

Why visit this winery?

Because this historic Argentine name is an antique winery where we can learn both old and new winemaking techniques, as well as about each zone and vineyard they maximize the expression of their wines.

Navarro Correas

SinFin is a family owned winery by local Mendocinians - a modern proposition in a completely remodeled building from 1937. The Project began ten years ago, and today we find ourselves amidst the processes of consolidation, search and development. From this place, we hope to accompany our visitors in a different experience, surrounding the idea of living the world of wine in itself, and understanding and observing what that world constructs, rather than how we construct it.

Why visit this winery?

It is very interesting and valuable to know the business of our local Mendocinian families that are still involved in the development of the wine industry. This winery in particular transmits its passion in its wines to represent Mendoza around the world.

Familia Zuccardi

This family-run winery, founded in 1963 by engineer Alberto Zuccardi. At that time, he began to plant vines in Maipú, experimenting with a different irrigation system, based on a method used in California. Forty-five years after starting this winery and three generations united by a passion for wine. You will be part of a dynamic visit that will take you all around the winery, ending in their Art Gallery where you will taste wines and olive oils by this magnificent winery. Afterwards, surrounded by vines and olive trees, you will sit down for lunch in their new restaurant, Pan y Oliva. The Menu: Tapas with a Pasta Entrée, accompanied by a variety of breads and oils, and paired with Santa Julia wines.

NOTES: * Departures with confirmation of 2 people or more. If the tour leaves with up to 3 people, the transfer will be in a car with a chauffeur/guide.