Wine Tours | Luján de Cuyo experience

LujŠn de Cuyo, land of Malbec, invites you to experience the legendary and other great varietals of wines produced in this region. We will visit and taste wines in world-renowned wineries.
This High class Tour is designed to share and enjoy a complete and excellent day of wines. We will visit some of the most important and prominent wineries in this region. We propose living this experience in small groups, with wine travelers who share the same interest in this fascinating beverage. Thereby you can appreciate every detail of the visits, interacting with wine... and as perfect outcome to this dynamic tour, a full gourmet lunch.

Lujan de Cuyo Ruta del Vino Mendoza


  • Departures on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Transportation and bilingual guide.
  • Visit and tasting at each winery.
  • Groups with a maximum of 12 people per departure.
  • Visit, wine tasting and "Winemakers Game" in Renacer.
  • Visit and tasting wine at Caelum Winery.
  • Gourmet Lunch: 7 courses, paired with wines at the prestigious restaurant of the Rucamalén Winery (options for lunch when there is no availability: Finca Decero, Dominio del Plata or Renacer).
  • Mineral water and amenity on board.

Bodega Renacer


The winery, designed for premium wines production, was built in 2004 in Perdriel, Lujan de Cuyo, at the foot of the Andes range. It’s a fusion of modernity and classicism: well defined straight lines with Tuscan-inspired walls, showing very attractive aesthetics. Renacer features cutting-edge Italian technology, computerized temperature monitoring, traceability of all processes and the latest equipment. Renacer is committed in the environment care since the first day and incorporates new technology every day to meet that objective: It is the first Argentinian winery solar energy-using and the first to neutralize carbon emissions and certify their carbon footprint.

In Renacer we will take the Winemakers’ Experience: We pretend that, according to various expressions of Malbec, visitors can do their own blend, deciding on proportions and experiencing the results. With this, we want to understand the complex task of oenologists while being proud of making your own wine. This is a fun teamwork sensory experience.

We will taste: Punto Final Sauvignon Blanc, Punto Final Chardonay reserve, Punto Final Malbec Reserve and Enamoré (Wine made with the "appassimento" method. Vines exposed to dry winds at ambient temperature to lose around a third of its weight).


Caelum is a family run and boutique winery, located in the heart of Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo. The winery was built in 2009 after several years of grape growing and selling. The winery is not only known for it’s high-end reds, but also for it’s whites and sparkling wines. Caelum’s winemaker, Giuseppe Franceschini, prints his italian elegance into the wines making them even more interesting.

All of the winery’s portfolio is produced with estate grown grapes. Our terroir is considered unbeatable for an optimum development of the grapes. In Caelum, besides tasting our wines, you will also be able to pair these with our estate pistachos.

We will taste: 2 Classic Wines and 1 Reserve Wine shared with the exquisite pistachios from their own finca.


Ruca Malen Winery started as an initiative of Jean Pierre Thibaud in 1998, who at age 73 undertook this project. This family Winery grew up slowly and in 2015 was acquired by the Perez Companc Group. Jean Pierre, at 90, always in the permanent search for growth and improvement, confident in the potential of Ruca Malen, agrees to be part of that portfolio.
Ruca Malen acquired the clear vision to be at the vanguard of the Argentine wine industry through innovation and a bold character. Ruca Malen represents the restless spirit of a brand that invites you to keep your spirit restless and let yourself follow your curiosity, as Jean Pierre Thibaud did.

Continuing with the history of passion and audacity that Ruca Malen represents, in 2004 Jean Pierre devised the creation of a restaurant in the winery, convinced that to really appreciate the essence of their wines they should be enjoyed with the right pairing. Imposing trend emerged the concept of the tasting menu. Those visitors who love gastronomy can enjoy a special tasting menu created to highlight the pairing.

NOTES: * Departures with a minimum of 2 people. If the tour starts with 3 people, it will be done in a private car and driver / guide.
* If there is no availability for lunch at Rucamalen we will enjoy a similar gourmet menu at Dominio del Plata, Finca Decero or Renacer winery.