Sin Fin Winery

Sin Fin (Without End) represents many different things. Not only the future, the unending, the eternal, but moreso a future where the past returns to become the present. That is the idea. SinFin as timeless. A line of time that is measured and regulated by the senses and by pleasure, rather than by numbers and dates.

SinFin is a family owned winery by local Mendocinians. A modern post located in a completely remodeled building from 1937. The project began ten years ago, and now we find ourselves amidst the processes of consolidation, search and development. From this place, we hope to accompany our visitors on a different experience, surrounding the idea of living the world of wine in itself, understanding exactly what that world creates, rather than how we create it.

An old winery that today is modern. A family winery. A family. The native flower, the owner of the landscape. Spaces of work, innovation, pleasure and discovery. Contact with the earth, with the earth´s products, its fruits. The visual arts, music, literature, the legacy of live culture. The wine. The perfect result. Our wines are expressed on many different levels, and are only complete when you taste and interpret them within your lived experience, within your world.