Wine Tours | Mendoza Wine and Olives tour

"Mendoza can rely on great world known wineries, but not just that. Olive oil is also another very important product for our economy, so this tour intends to show the work of outstanding producers in their original areas: Maipú and Luján de Cuyo”.

The tour starts at 9, picking our passengers from their hotels in Mendoza City. The first winery we visit is Don Manuel Villafañe, a modern family winery in which guided tour and tasting are provided. Straight after, we head to Olivícola Pasrai, an olive oil factory in which we will get to know the process of olive oil making . An olive oil tasting is provided, together with other deli foods to try (olive paté, sundried tomatoes on homemade bread). Our next tour and tasting takes place at the winery of Luigi Bosca followed by a Picnic of regional flavors in the winery Altavista.

Mendoza Vino y Oliva


  • Visit and Tasting in Winery Don Manuel Villafañe (3 glasses of wine)
  • Visit and Tasting in Olive Oil Producer Pasrai (Olive Oils and other products)
  • Visit and Tasting in Winery Luigi Bosca (3 glasses of wine)
  • Picnic Lunch including appetizer, main course and dessert accompanied by two wines.
  • Transportation and Bilingual Guide
  • Leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30 hs. to 16.30 hs.

Villafañe Winery

Don Manuel Villafane is a winery owned by Mr. Thomas Machado Villafane and his family. The winery focuses on the production of grapes, harvested in small and exclusive vineyards. The Villafane family has been in the wine business for nearly 400 years. In 1611 Don Manuel Villafañe arrived in Argentina from Spain as a soldier. Later he settled in South America as a farmer, and became a pioneer of winemaking in Argentina for being one of the first to plant vines in the land. The winery was developed in the legacy of Don Manuel Villafañe to offer high quality wines for the world market.

Why visit this Olivícola?

Because, beyond tasting excellent wines of different varietals, we will understand part of the history of immigrants in Mendoza and its influence on the wine industry of the province.

Olivícola Pasrai

This is a Mendocinian family-owned and operated business dedicated to the making of dehydrated fruits and extra virgin olive oil. Pasrai SRL conserves the traditions of their ancestors, using artisanal activities and techniques to make their products. Since the 90´s the business has jumped toward the incorporation of modern technology and have developed an international presence. Today the business has two model installations: the dehydrating fruit plant and the boutique extra virgin olive oil factory.

Why visit this Olivícola?

Because olive oil has a great importance in the history of the production of noble products in our province. Pasrai demonstrates excellent production and the olive oil tourism has grown into an area with much potential in Mendoza.

Bodega Luigi Bosca

Founded in 1901 by Don Leoncio Arizu, Luigi Bosca winery has played an extensive role in the Argentine winemaking industry. Luigi Bosca is equipped with seven vineyards in the province and more than 700 hectors dedicated to the cultivation, study and understanding of the vine. Directed by the third and fourth generations of the original family, this constitutes one of the few wineries who, throughout the decades, has remained in the hands of the founding family and whose prestige has made themselves into a paradigm of Argentine wine. The Arizu family has always worked to find the best expression of Argentine wine and they have been protagonists of the greatest changes to the national winemaking industry. For example, in 1989 the family actively worked for the foundation of the first DOC in Argentina (Denomination of Origin) in Luján de Cuyo. This winery has achieved expansion at the international level and their prestige is based on their years of experience, their constant and reliable quality wines, and their everlasting search for innovative excellence, dynamism, and advanced technology.

Why visit the winery?

Because the business has remained in the hands of the founding family who have brought their hard work to prestigious success even at the international level, always producing high-quality and consistent products.

Bodega Altavista

The winery is in the heart of Chacras de Coria, 15 km south of Mendoza city. It is a historical edifice built in 1899, fully restored in 2003, and with all the cutting-edge vine-growing technology. The technical systems are versatile, making an "haute couture" job possible in every wine range. The winery stands out from all the rest because of its small tanks, which enable the production of high-quality wines. The cellars, the most beautiful in South America, shelter Alta Vista wine barrels.

Why visit this winery?

Because it is considered Mendoza’s cultural heritage because it represents the architecture of the 19th century wineries: sober, made of adobe (bricks of sun-dried earth or straw), with the traditional two-slope roof constructions.

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